Professional oral hygiene

Hygiene care involves more than just cleaning your teeth with a toothbrush, floss, or irrigator, which anyone can do at home. It also implies professional hygiene, that is, a set of measures that are carried out in a dental clinic to remove dental plaque in order to prevent various diseases. The health of teeth, gums, oral cavity and even the gastrointestinal tract depends on high-quality and timely hygiene.

The INNOVO Clinic provides a full range of professional hygiene services.


To make veneers, the tooth tissue shall be sawn off. This is a delicate but irreversible process.

Such restorations should be made once in a lifetime. Therefore, accuracy and quality play a decisive role here.

A large number of works in our clinic is the reworking of old restorations due to chipping, tooth sensitivity and the development of caries under veneers, pain in the jaw and joints.

One no longer has to go to the dentist again and again. Teeth will be reliably protected from caries, abrasion, discoloration, and a smile will be perfect.

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Root canal treatment

Endodontics is the treatment of diseases of the tissues inside the tooth and near the tops of the roots of the teeth.

With the help of a complex procedures, including cleaning, processing and filling of the root canals of a tooth, at the INNOVO Dental Care Clinic one can treat inflammation, preserve and prevent tooth decay and loss. Many years of experience of our dentists and an integrated approach guarantee you quality at every stage and the best outcome of your dental treatment.

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Surgery, implantation

Do not want to extract a tooth or put an implant?
In the INNOVO Clinic, surgical treatment methods are used only in extreme cases, when therapy and medication have not been effective. Thanks to modern technologies, the surgical method of treatment allows preserving the tissues and functions of the tooth as much as possible.



Want a beautiful smile but don’t want to wear braces?
The INNOVO Clinic offers a modern method of orthodontic treatment called INVISALIGN. The treatment consists of a set of almost invisible INVISALIGN removable aligners. By changing them once every two weeks, your teeth will gradually change position until the final alignment.
Transparent mouthguards will make your treatment invisible and comfortable.
The main thing is to make the right choice!

Restoration dentistry

A tooth is a normal organ, the state of which changes depending on the environment and the state of the organism.
Therefore, if the tooth hurts, moves, reacts to cold, acid or sweetness, this is a reason to contact the dentist.

Therapeutic treatment combined with digital technology and quality materials at the INNOVO Clinic will help to restore teeth function, recreate morphology and aesthetics, and keep your teeth healthy.

Pediatric dentistry

Pediatric dentistry is an integral part of our clinic.

It is very important for us to instill in kids a culture of prevention and hygiene from childhood. We believe that in the future this will serve as the basis for their good health and a conscious attitude towards the care and treatment of their teeth.

Take care of your baby’s health now.



In the INNOVO Clinic, objects that come into contact with the mucous membrane go through all stages of sterilization:


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