Canal treatment

We will make you get rid of your toothache in one visit!

Root canal treatment with a surgical microscope.Without pain.

With the help of a microscope, we can see and qualitatively treat everything that is not visible to the naked eye.

How canal treatment works at the INNOVO Clinic

Root canal treatment is a way to save a tooth when there is inflammation. Tooth pain is a signal that it is inflammation of the nerve and tissues inside the tooth. Treatment at the INNOVO in one visit will relieve pain and save the tooth.

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Tooth restoration

To protect the tooth from cracking, which often happens with treated teeth, it is covered with a ceramic overlay or crown.

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Planning. Diagnostics

In order to determine the tactics of treatment, it is necessary to take an x-ray of the tooth or 3D tomography.


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Filling of root canals

The space in the root canals, which was previously cleaned, is filled with a biocompatible material.

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The tooth is isolated from the oral cavity so that bacteria and moisture do not get in during the treatment.


INNOVO patients speaking:

Daria Vinyarskaya

In the INNOVO Clinic, I had my first experience of dental treatment under a microscope – now it’s the only way! This is really an exquisite workmanship: when you see a tooth ‘before and after’, it seems that this is impossible. I thank the doctors for their professionalism and my beautiful smile!

Andrey Makitruk


Doctor’s Specialization:

  • Root canal treatment using an operating microscope.
  • Restorative dentistry.

Canal filling cost

Starting from 2000 UAH
Check the prices by phone, or at a consultation with a doctor, as the type of work is individual)

Our doctors always, without any exception, use a surgical microscope for root canal treatment. Otherwise, the doctor may not see the remnants of caries, not find the canal and leave the infection inside the tooth. And such a tooth cannot be considered cured. In two or three years, such a tooth will again make itself felt and it will need to be treated again or even removed.To properly treat a tooth, you need a surgical microscope that gives a magnification of 25 times.

To clean the canals, it is necessary to carry out mechanical and medical treatment to the full depth to the very top of the root. Usually it is 18-20 mm in length, and the diameter of the canal may not exceed the diameter of a human hair.Without the use of an increase, it is not possible to make high-quality cleaning. It should also be taken into account that the anatomical structure of the canals is not always even, but has bends and branches. Therefore, our doctors, always and without exception, use a surgical microscope for root canal treatment.

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Canal treatment under a microscope at the INNOVO Clinic is a guarantee of the safety of your teeth.

Canal treatment under a microscope at the INNOVO Clinic is a guarantee of the safety of your teeth.

In our practice, we often deal with patients who consider root canal treatment with a surgical microscope to be an unnecessary luxury. We insist that such an attitude towards one’s health is not only wrong and therefore dangerous, but also extremely irrational from a financial point of view. Experience shows that savings on these manipulations leads to a significant increase in the cost of treatment in the medium term, and in a bad scenario, to tooth loss.

At the INNOVO Clinic, we strive to meet the highest standards of modern medicine based on predictability and quality assurance, and without the use of a surgical microscope in root canal treatment, it is simply impossible to achieve these criteria. Let’s see why this is so.

What is a root canal and why can it get sick.

Let’s start with some anatomy. Blood vessels and nerve endings enter each tooth through the roots.

They are located in the dental cavity – the pulp chamber and root canals. In cases of advanced caries, pathogenic bacteria, having previously damaged the enamel and dentin, reach the pulp and create inflammation there.

That’s when the tooth starts to hurt badly. And the doctor has no other choice but to remove the nerve and hermetically seal the canals.
The main difficulty of this procedure is that the anatomy of root canals is very individual. For example, the upper sixth tooth can have from 3 to 6 canals, and in the lower incisors, with the beginning of the use of a surgical microscope in dentistry, a second canal was found, although all textbooks say that there is only one.

Why a microscope is needed for root canal treatment

The width of the dental canals is comparable to the diameter of the hair, so it is simply impossible to determine their real number, which, as we remember, can be very different from the theoretical one, without a serious increase. As for the location of the channels, an increase is necessary, especially when it comes to the upper jaw or the far chewing teeth in the lower jaw.
Before the use of microscopes in modern dental clinics, root canal detection and treatment was done with a mirror. But it is worth remembering at what age the teeth of the older generation began to fall out, and the ‘effectiveness’ of this approach will immediately become apparent.

The danger of undertreated canals

Toothache is one of the signs of inflammation, which creates a pathogenic microflora, reaching the nerve of the tooth. The goal of treatment is the complete destruction of this microflora and hermetic filling of the dental canals. A prerequisite for quality control of such treatment is computed tomography six months after the end of treatment. This is the only way to determine the success of the treatment. Very often, patients neglect this recommendation, they simply forget about the treated tooth – because it no longer hurts. And this is where the main danger lies – the tooth will not hurt, regardless of whether all the microflora has been removed or not. After all, there is no longer a nerve inside of it, and there is nothing to hurt. In this case, the remaining bacteria can safely multiply, continuing to destroy the tissues surrounding the tooth (chronic periodontitis). This will last until an exacerbation occurs, which will be accompanied by severe pain. In this case, the risk of tooth loss increases significantly, and if the bone is severely destroyed, additional bone grafting will have to be done before installing the implant.
I would like to separately note that most of the extractions and retreatments of teeth in our practice are the result of previously unscrupulous root canal treatment and untimely control.

How root canals are treated at the INNOVO Clinic

Before starting treatment, the tooth is isolated with a rubber dam (a special latex scarf), after which all areas of dentin and pulp affected by caries are removed. The use of a microscope makes it possible to do this extremely accurately and with minimal invasiveness, while retaining a maximum of native intact tooth tissue. Next, access to canals is determined and their expansion is performed using special tools. This is a rather scrupulous procedure and there is always a risk of instrument breakage with subsequent obstruction of the canals. Our doctors often have to remove such fragments from the teeth of patients previously treated without augmentation. The passage of the canal with the help of a microscope guarantees its ideal preparation for the destruction of pathogenic microflora.

Then the canals are washed with a solution of chlorine, citric acid and distilled water, dried and hermetically sealed. A microscope is also needed here, since it is simply impossible to determine whether the canal is dry without multiple magnification.


Despite the use of the most modern technical means, the professionalism, attentiveness and scrupulousness of our doctors, we give a full guarantee only after the final tomography six months after the end of the treatment. If inflammation has not occurred during this time, then it will never occur, and the tooth can be safely covered with a crown. If the inflammation nevertheless began, then we treat the canals under warranty and after six months we again conduct a repeated X-ray.

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