About us

The INNOVO Dental & Face Care Clinic is a private clinic that has combined a qualified team of specialists, modern digital technologies and an individual approach to each client.

Main directions

Every day our doctors correct the position, shape, size of teeth not only with orthodontic treatment, but also with ceramic restorations (veneers, crowns, inlays), dental implants and all preparatory procedures.



We love what we do. After all, we change not only the smile, but the patient’s self-perception. Internal change is why we go to work every day, which motivates us to work on weekends and holidays.

Our success is the patient’s reaction to a new smile or facial features. Our “fuel” is happy cries, tears of joy and sincere gratitude.


The work we and more than 5,000 of our patients are proud of.

Our team and approach

The INNOVO Clinic is a team of experienced young professionals who introduce the latest technologies and approaches to treatment in Ukraine, starting from the treatment plan and patient management and ending with an open presentation of all cases!

For many years, most of our clients have trusted us not only with their health, but also with the health of loved ones. We constantly receive admiring reviews and are happy to fulfill wishes for aesthetics and dental treatment.

The INNOVO Clinic creates beautiful smiles!

Innovo worker 1 01

Serhii Babich


Professional interests:

  • Restorative dentistry
  • Prosthetics under a microscope
  • Aesthetic microprosthetics

Has extensive practical experience in prosthetics, aesthetic dentistry, consults.

Innovo worker 2 02

Andrii Makitruk


Professional interests:

  • Root canal treatment using an operating microscope.
  • Restorative dentistry.
Innovo worker 3 03

Natalia Smilyanskaya


Professional interests:

  • Treatment of patients with the use of modern braces, removable and non-removable devices.
  • Clinical analysis, diagnosis and treatment of anomalies in the development of occlusion and dentition in patients at any age.
  • Comprehensive diagnostics and preparation of a treatment plan, taking into account the data of a 3D examination, photodiagnostics.
  • Orthodontic preparation for prosthetics.
Innovo worker 4 04

Nazar Brotsky


Professional interests:

  • Prevention of the pathology of occlusion and modification of the growth of the skull bones in children of different ages;
  • Treatment of occlusion pathology in children and adults using removable equipment;
  • Orthodontic treatment for different types of braces;
  • Correction of occlusion pathology with transparent caps;
  • Use of all types of skeletal support (microimplants, miniplates);
  • Orthodontic preparation for total prosthetics and implantation;
  • Orthodontic preparation for orthognathic surgery;
  • Orthodontic treatment as an element of complex rehabilitation of periodontal diseases;
  • Orthodontic rehabilitation of congenital anomalies and malformations of the skull bones;
  • Compensation of defects in the dentition in children with removable prosthetics for children;
  • Diagnosis and treatment of muscle and TMJ dysfunctions.
Innovo worker 5 05

Anna Savitskaya


Professional interests:

  • psychological preparation of children for a dental appointment;
  • teaching hygiene skills, selection of suitable hygiene products for babies;
  • сhildren’s pediatric restorative dentistry;
  • endodontics of milk teeth;
  • treatment of children under medical sleep.
Innovo worker 6 06

Oleksii Krivonos

implant surgeon

Professional interests:

  • Removal
  • Surgical periodontology
  • Clinical Implantology
  • Osteoplastic surgery

Works flawlessly with soft and bone tissue plasty, which is extremely important for high-quality and durable implantation.

Despite his extensive experience, Oleksii is constantly learning and improving his skills abroad (Urban Regeneration Institute Budapest, Hungary, Hürzeler Zuhr Academy Munich, Germany).

Innovo worker 7 07

Kateryna Simonenko


Professional interests:

  • treatment of patients with periodontal disease using modern methods to eliminate bleeding, odor and swelling of the gums;
  • detailed periodontal diagnosis, prevention, treatment of gingivitis and periodontitis;
  • professional oral hygiene, as well as removal of supragingival and subgingival dental plaque (SRP);
  • learning the rules of oral care and individual selection of hygiene products.

About what makes our work easier and the result more accurate

We cooperate with several dental laboratories. It is important that they all work in the same digital protocol as our clinic. Communication is very fast: a doctor scans the patient's jaws, and in just a few minutes they send the STL file to the technician.

Our technologies greatly accelerated and optimized the work. For example, they allowed us to get away from taking silicone impressions. This proved to be a lifesaver for the patients, as the impression procedure often caused a gag reflex. We also made the work of doctors easier: we use 3D printing instead of casting models from plaster and creating wax prototypes of teeth.

In the future, machines will learn to treat people and perform operations. But until this happens, you can entrust your smile to our doctors.


Many years of experience of our dentists, advanced technologies and an integrated approach allow us to cope with rather complex clinical situations.



We provide a digital service that improves the quality of treatment, increases patient comfort, while speeding up and facilitating the work of doctors.



The INNOVO Clinic regularly conducts training courses for other clinics and doctors in the segment of digital planning, 3D restoration design, functional diagnostics and guided implantation. Teachers are dentists of our clinic who share many years of experience and clinical experience.



Ceramic veneers are the most aesthetic and safest way to create a beautiful smile.



All doctors are certified by European manufacturers of medical and dental equipment.

Daria Vinyarskaya producer

In the INNOVO Clinic, I had my first experience of dental treatment under a microscope – now it’s the only way! This is really an exquisite workmanship: when you see a tooth ‘before and after’, it seems that this is impossible. I thank the doctors for their professionalism and my beautiful smile!


Vyacheslav Semgaikin master sportsman in swimming

I am a professional athlete, and due to my busy schedule, I often do not have enough time for treatment. At the INNOVO Clinic, all my teeth were treated and all ‘eights’ were removed in two visits under medication sleep. I was absolutely satisfied. The clinic renders services at a high level.


Inna Hrebinyuk lawyer

Why do I choose the INNOVO Clinic? This is a place where they offer a comprehensive solution to all issues related to dental health and beauty. Teamwork is felt here, not an individual doctor who cares only about his/her area of work. I treated and removed my teeth, so I can say this for sure.

Now I wear braces. My acquaintances scared me that it would be difficult and uncomfortable. At first it was really uncomfortable, but thanks to the constant support of the doctor and the answers to all questions I received (the doctor is always in touch) everything is going well, I even did a photo shoot with braces, as you can see.


Evgenia Motrych ‘Vіkna-Novyny’ on STB, editor

One year has passed since the last visit to the dentist. Now I can say for sure that a comprehensive dental treatment and restoration of a beautiful natural smile for the INNOVO doctors is one of my best decisions.

In short: the process lasted a year, sometimes it was unpleasant and painful, quite costly, it took time and patience, but it’s worth it. For more than a year I have not been ashamed to smile, I have no problems with bleeding gums, I have forgotten what it’s like when it hurts, reacts to cold or hot. And it’s a wonderful feeling! In addition, I once and for all understood everything about dental hygiene and now I care about what I have gained in all possible ways!


Oleg Zagrichansky programmer

The INNOVO Clinic is the best dentistry I have ever been to. The clinic has friendly staff, professional specialists, and an individual approach to each client.

I went through orthodontic treatment for several years, not believing in the final result. Now I can say that a little inconvenience and time fully paid off. Now I am not ashamed to show my smile!

I am satisfied with the work of the INNOVO Clinic, my whole family has been served in it for a long time.


Karina Koreyba Co-owner of Sustainable fashion pad

Here they do not ‘treat teeth’, but create a smile, create a new image. Together with the doctor, we developed a comfortable treatment plan based on time and financial resources, in which everything was clear to me to the smallest detail, and the plan itself was shown to me in the clinic in the format of a beautiful presentation with different treatment options, timing for the implementation of the finished work, and so on (in general, for the first time saw it). The doctors of the clinic – every one – are professionals, in a good sense, ‘maniacs’ of their business. It inspires respect and trust in me, so I trust INNOVO with my smile.


Nadia Pereviznik a key partner of партнер Hope&Partners

Modern technology of treatment rarely combines with high-quality service! For the sake of a coveted movie smile, I went through long and difficult moments of orthodontics at the INNOVO Clinic: tooth extraction, restoration, prosthetics, a rare and almost imperceptible bracket system. But the doctors of the clinic are very careful – starting from the friendly chat support of the receptionists to the painless and quick removal of wisdom teeth by the surgeon. In a word, I rarely recommend anything, because advice is a responsibility on my reputation too, but in this case I advise sincerely! Be healthy!


Julia Sinesheva CUTME Studio Hairdresser

The photo is dedicated to my beloved ‘INNOVO’ dental clinic, where, during the appointment, I can sleep peacefully. At this clinic, incredible professionals work – Victoria Akhmedova, Yaroslav Gaidai, and Yulia Naumenko! The clinic is located in the very center of Kyiv: on the one side, here is St. Andrew’s Church, on the other – a pastry shop. Healthy beautiful teeth, next to ‘Pirozhenko’. What could be better?



Are you a professional in the field of dental services and love your job?

Join INNOVO! We are happy to welcome new colleagues who are ready to improve in our family. With us you will achieve outstanding results!



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