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For 10 years we have been giving a feeling of a new life to our clients

The INNOVO Clinic creates beautiful smiles! Qualified specialists and modern technologies will satisfy the highest requirements. We will change your understanding of dentistry.

Why should you contact the INNOVO Clinic? BECAUSE

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    who did not limit themselves to just a smile: we are working on a holistic aesthetics of the face.

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    The INNOVO Clinic uses the best innovative equipment – Dentsply Sirona, the TESLA level in the dental industry, which gives high accuracy and a guarantee of longevity.

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    Thanks to experienced specialists and modern equipment, your treatment will be comfortable and as painless as possible. We can help you overcome your fear of dentistry!

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    A doctor-curator accompanies the patient at all stages of treatment, from the initial consultation to the final photography.

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    IT IS 100% SAFE

    All instruments that are used in the treatment undergo a thorough five-stage sterilization

Photos before and after treatment at the INNOVO Clinic, without Instagram filters and plastic surgery.

Services at the INNOVO Dental & Face Clinic


Prevention of diseases and treatment of teeth, prosthetics and root canal treatment, installation of veneers and implantation. A modern approach, the team of qualified specialists and the best innovative equipment will satisfy the most demanding patients.

All dental services


Our dermatologists will help you achieving the legendary ‘Before and After’ effect in reality, without plastic surgery. Beauty treatments and injections, body shaping and hyperhidrosis treatment of neoplasms and mesotherapy.

All cosmetology services

Questions and answers

What is the difference between a tooth filling for 300 UAH and the one that costs 1000 UAH?

Much depends on the pricing and level of the dental clinic. This doesn't just apply to (teeth) fillings

What is the difference between a tooth filling for 300 UAH and the one that costs 1000 UAH?

Much depends on the pricing and level of the dental clinic. This doesn't just apply to (teeth) fillings
  1. Marketing. The cost of procedures always includes the amounts that the clinic spends on promotion in social networks, on the radio, and on outdoor advertising.
  2. Service. How high is the service in the clinic? For example, fresh flowers at the reception, apples, branded sweets, congratulating patients on holidays, etc.
  3. Location of dentistry. Not always, but often it also affects the cost of procedures.

Why is a tooth filling different?

In the INNOVO Clinic, teeth are restored using a microscope. This is a minimally invasive, most gentle approach to the treatment of caries. Using this approach and technique, healthy tooth tissues are preserved as much as possible, and only the affected areas of enamel or dentin are drilled. In addition, under a microscope, a dentist checks to make sure that only healthy tissues remain: this will help to avoid the development of secondary caries under the filling in the future.

Another advantage when using a microscope is that the dentist will be able to check that the composite material (filling) adheres correctly to the tissues, without pores and tears. The longevity of the restoration and the health of the teeth depend on this.

The next extremely important point is isolation. During treatment, a tooth shall be isolated from moisture, otherwise the filling will not be attached or will be attached poorly, that is, not for long. For isolation, a special device, a rubber dam system, is used.

Despite the fact that the rubber dam helps to make reliable isolation, which directly affects the quality and reliability of the restoration, not all doctors use it, although this device was invented 100 years ago.

Correct contact points between the teeth are another important condition for a quality restoration, because food should not get stuck in them. The restoration shall be carefully polished to prevent the absorption of a dental plaque, food coloring, and staining of the edges. The doctor will do all this with the highest quality if he uses a microscope.

We mentioned what the protocol for restoration should be. Using of a microscope and quality durable materials, it cannot be cheap. The price of 2000-3500 UAH is optimal for such work.

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Why should I put braces if I am quite satisfied with the aesthetics of my teeth?

Many people think that braces are needed solely to keep their teeth straight.

Why should I put braces if I am quite satisfied with the aesthetics of my teeth?

Many people think that braces are needed solely to keep their teeth straight.

Actually this is a secondary matter. With braces, it is similar to the treatment of caries: we treat caries not to remove black spots on the teeth, but to protect the teeth from destruction and save them.

When the question arises of the need to put braces, it is important what kind of dental occlusion (bite) you have, how your teeth relate to each other, and not whether they are crooked or even. It’s similar the gears in any mechanism: they shall be aligned accurately and correctly for the system to function properly and not fail.

In one day, a person makes more than 1000 chewing movements and compresses his teeth up to 300 kg/cm. This process involves not only teeth, but also muscles, ligaments, and a temporomandibular joint. In case of malocclusion, cyclic stress load on the joint occurs. If it lasts for years, sooner or later the system will fail. Often this happens after 30-35 years, when the compensatory functions of the body begin to decline.

What happens as a result? The teeth begin to quickly wear out up to 1/3 of the dental crown, chronic fatigue appears in the area of the masticatory muscles, the so-called muscle hypertonicity. A person may not get enough sleep at night, and wake up tired in the morning due to the fact that all night his/her chewing muscles were in tension and clenched jaws. There may also be headaches and pain in the neck with irradiation to the back. The temporomandibular joint is a part of our musculoskeletal system and if there are problems in it, this will affect the entire system as a whole.

When are braces not needed? The braces are not needed when a person has the right anatomic occlusion, even if the teeth are not perfectly aligned.

However, there are cases when the teeth are perfectly even and beautiful, but there are violations of occlusion. Therefore, we recommend orthodontic treatment. This is a long and costly process, but it is worth the result. We want to live not only long, but also qualitatively.

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If I put an implant, does it mean that I will immediately have a tooth?

Let's figure out what a tooth is and what an implant is.

If I put an implant, does it mean that I will immediately have a tooth?

Let's figure out what a tooth is and what an implant is.

In order for a new tooth to appear in place of a missing tooth, it is necessary to go through several stages:

  1. An implant – a ‘screw’ made of titanium – is screwed into the bone and takes root there for some time;
  2. Upon engraftment, after 2-3 months, an individual zirconium abutment is made – an adapter that will connect the implant and the future tooth;
  3. A dental crown is made of ceramics, which is fixed on the abutment – this is a new tooth with which the patient can chew adequately.

While the implant takes root, the patient stays without a tooth: when the implant is twisted, the gum is sutured at the site of the operation, and after a week the sutures are removed. Immediately before prosthetics, a small incision is made on the gum again to get to the implant, and the prosthesis is started. This is what the classic method of implantation looks like.

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All cosmetic procedures should be carried out by a doctor?

A few tips for patients who decide to visit a beautician.

All cosmetic procedures should be carried out by a doctor?

A few tips for patients who decide to visit a beautician.

The first thing one should pay attention to is the place where you decide to undergo the necessary procedures. It must be a licensed clinic: the requirements for cosmetology are the same as for any medical institution.

All cosmetic procedures shall be carried out by a doctor. Not just a cosmetologist, but a dermatologist or a plastic surgeon. The specialist shall have certificates that allow him/her to carry out the necessary manipulations.

First of all, it is not about beauty, but about patient’s health. The skin is an indicator of many internal diseases. If you want to deal with acne, skin color or premature aging, it would not be wise to do only masks or smear your face with expensive creams, without understanding the root cause. Believe me: no beautician who has completed a 3-month course in cosmetology will help you in search of the cause of health problems.

Before carrying out the procedures, the doctor is obliged to collect the necessary anamnesis: to learn about the procedures that were performed earlier, the state of health, the presence of allergic reactions, and chronic diseases. This will avoid complications or minimize them. The anamnesis is especially important before ‘youth injections’: these products can cause serious complications, allergic reactions – up to anaphylactic shock.

Be sure to pay attention to the products offered to you. They shall be certified and have a good safety profile. Remember, you trust a specialist not only appearance, but also your health.

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Why is it necessary to treat root canals under a microscope?

Let's figure out how endodontic treatment works and what goals are achieved.

Why is it necessary to treat root canals under a microscope?

Let's figure out how endodontic treatment works and what goals are achieved.

The need to treat canals arises when there is an infectious inflammation of the tissues of the      tooth – the nerve (pulpitis) or the tissues surrounding the tooth (periodontitis). In both cases, treatment directly depends on how well the infection is removed inside the tooth, that is, in its canals. The doctor shall find them and create access to them.

The thickness of some canal can be thinner than a human hair, the anatomy is completely different, and their number can only be assumed – it can be from 3 to 6. The canals need to be expanded in order to clean, mechanically and chemically. Without expansion, it is impossible to pour any solution into them. A microscope is needed to gently widen the canal without breaking instruments or making perforations.

The final stage is obturation, canal filling, which is carried out by packing hot gutta-percha. This material is somewhat reminiscent of rubber: it tightly closes the cavities and undercuts inside the channel. To ensure hermeticism and prevent re-inflammation, obturation should be performed under a microscope.

Saving on canal treatment, a person can lose a tooth. As a result, one will have to do implantation with subsequent prosthetics, and this will cost completely different money. It is better to take care of your own teeth as long as possible and treat the canals with high quality, without leading to implantation.

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Nadezhda Dar Art Director «mOre»

‘Holydays and festives are my profession, and the INNOVO Clinic made a holiday for my teeth. This is safety, confidence in all processes, as well as the joy of a smile in every photo. My own teeth deteriorated and fell out, while the implants are excellent, they are nice to show and photograph.

In this clinic, both hygienic cleanings, tooth extractions with sedation, and the implantation process went smoothly for me. I received a mix of modern technologies and classic procedures.

During the treatment, I visited four doctors, and visiting the fifth one I accompanied my nephews. These are professionals, after communicating with whom you cease to be afraid of the myth of “terrible” dentists, but relax and begin to trust their treatment strategy.’

Oleg Katyushchenko entrepreneur

‘The first time I came to the INNOVO Clinic was not at all because of my teeth, but I really liked the atmosphere and the guys who work there! As a result, I treated all my teeth, and then I was looking for a reason to come to the clinic more than once … Open a cafe nearby, or some similar place to go. You will definitely succeed!’

Nadiya Perevіznyk communications expert

‘I came into the INNOVO Clinic, probably, like most, with dental problems, and came out with a Hollywood smile. Although at first I did not plan to make veneers, but now I understand: this is one of the best investments in yourself! My work with communications is primarily about publicity, so a smile matters.

The INNOVO Clinic approach is more niche, club, cozy and homely. So if you appreciate this type of service, you will definitely like it!’

Olga Ivanova marketer

‘I have visited many doctors, but the approach, technology and equipment at INNOVO are top notch. After the treatment, nothing hurts, and everything is very comfortable.

Even long visits due to root canal treatment were comfortable and fast thanks to the attentive staff. We took breaks for rest and snacks, administrators even helped order food.

I am very glad that I fell into the hands of the INNOVO Clinic professionals, led by an attentive and competent leader, Victoria Akhmedova!’

Dear friends,
Welcome to the INNOVO Dental & Face Care Clinic page!

For more than 10 years we have been taking care of our clients, maintaining their health and creating beautiful smiles.

I am sure that every person at least once in life felt hostility at the thought of going to the dentist. That is why I wanted to create a dental clinic that is comfortable for patients. A place where your teeth will not only be cured and made beautiful using innovative equipment and the best materials, but also made as comfortable and painless as possible.

After 10 years of work at the INNOVO clinic, I can say with confidence that we have succeeded. We have gathered a team of professionals who take care of thousands of clients. We are loved and trusted with the most valuable thing – health. And what is important: our patients recommend us to their loved ones!

Victoria Akhmedova, Owner of the INNOVO Clinic, Chief Physician, Dental Surgeon.

The philosophy of the Innovo Clinic is the use of the most advanced medical technologies and treatment protocols, as well as the continuous improvement of the skills of each of our specialists.

We work every day to provide patients with a guaranteed and 100% predictable result of dental services in such areas as:

  • Installation of veneers;
  • Clinical implantology;
  • Prosthetics under a microscope;
  • Aesthetic microprosthetics;
  • Prosthetics on implants;
  • Restoration and extraction of teeth;
  • Surgical periodontology;
  • Osteoplastic surgery;
  • Diagnosis of malocclusion development and orthodontic treatment with braces, as well as removable and non-removable
  • Root canal treatment with an operating microscope;
  • Dental treatment;
  • Caries prevention;
  • Oral hygiene;
  • Treatment of gum disease;
  • Fissure sealing;
  • Fluoridation of teeth;
  • Treatment under medication sleep;
  • Aesthetic planning.

Our quality is higher than our prices!

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