INNOVO dental clinic is a private dental clinic which is proud of its qualified team
of specialists, modern digital technologies and an individual approach to every
The main directions are complex rehabilitation of the patients, aesthetic metal-free
prosthetics and dental implantation.
Our key to success is a carefully planned work, team approach, up-to-date
technologies and safety.
The result — our works always exceed our customers' expectations.


Complex rehabilitation of patients

Aesthetic metal-free prosthetics

Dental implantation


Carefully planned work

Team approach

up-to-date technologies

Quality and safety.


INNOVO’s doctors regularly practice at dental clinics in Europe and US. All of our doctors are certified by European manufacturers of medical and dental equipment. Our specialists perform and plan the patients’ treatment using modern medical software.

Innovo worker 1 01

Victoria Akhmedova

Head Physician of the clinic, Dentist , Orthopaedist, Implantologist

Professional interests:

•Clinical implantology
•Microscope-aided prosthetics
•Aesthetic microprosthetics
•Non-removable prosthetics

Innovo worker 2 02

Yaroslav Haidai

Dentist, Orthopaedist

Professional interests:

•Restorative dentistry
•Microscope-aided prosthetics
•Aesthetic dental prosthetics

Has a rich practical experience in prosthetics and aesthetic dentistry, therefore he also consults and conducts master classes in INNOVO clinic

Innovo worker 3 03

Viktor Khalimovskiy

Dentist, Orthopaedist, Gnatologist

Professional interests:

•Clinical gnathology
•Diagnosis and treatment of patients with dysfunction of TMJ
•Non-removable prosthetics on implants

Graduate of Vienna School of Interdisciplinary Dentistry (VieSID) course “Therapy Continuum Applied Rehabilitation: Function & Esthetics” prof. Slavichek R. in the Vienna School of Interdisciplinary Dentistry (VieSID)

Innovo worker 4 04

Natali Smilyanskaya

Dental surgeon

Professional interests:

•Psychoneurosomatics in dentistry
•Surgical dentistry
•Microscope-aided treatment and prosthetics
•Aesthetic dental prosthetics

Innovo worker 5 05

Andrey Makitruk

Dental surgeon

Professional interests:

•Psychoneurosomatics in dentistry
•Surgical dentistry
•Microscope-aided treatment and prosthetics
•Aesthetic dental prosthetics

Innovo worker 6 06

Maksym Levchenko


Has an extensive experience working with both children and adults. He finds an individual approach even to the smallest and whimsical patients.

A 12-year work experience in anaesthesiology proved that a game-based treatment is the best way to cope with children fears related to dentistry.

Innovo worker 7 07

Yuliya Naumenko

Oral hygeinist

Professional interests:

•Periodental treatment
•Teaching dental hygiene skills

Innovo worker 8 08

Anna Savitskaya-Lisovskaya

Kids dentist

Professional interests:

•Restoration of milk and permanent teeth
•Root canals treatment
•Caries prevention (sealing fissures, fluoridation of teeth, dental hygiene training)
•Sedation dentistry

Innovo worker 9 09

Yaroslav Stelmakh

Dental technician

Professional interests:

•Aesthetic planning
•Digital dentistry
•Planning of navigation implantation
•Certified trainer of the leading company in the field of digital dentistry.
•Provides an active practice in planning the aesthetics of a smile and making all-
ceramic restorations.


It has no analogues in Ukraine. In 2015 it was certified by the German companySirona. Works in a digital protocol only.

High-quality materials, which are used to create prostheses, look very natural andwill serve you for ages.


Extensive experience of our dentists, advanced technologies and complex approach help us manage even rather complex clinical cases.



We provide digital service that enhances treatment quality and patient’s comfort,
while speeding up and facilitating the work of doctors.



INNOVO regularly holds training courses for other clinics and doctors in the area of
digital planning, 3D design of restorations, functional diagnostics and navigation
Speakers are the dentists of our clinic, who share their vast practical experience and
clinical best practice with the colleagues



Ceramic veneers are the most aesthetic and safe way to create a beautiful smile.



All doctors are certified by European manufacturers of medical and dentalequipment.Our specialists perform and plan the treatment of patients using modern medicalsoftware

Yevheniy Moiseiv

I'm undergoing dental treatment now and it’s a totally different approach, I’m just
super excited! A new way of treatment! Among the innovations I liked – taking
photos of my entire mouth, presenting the treatment plan as a presentation. Great
service. Thanks Victoria Akhmedova for everything. I bet I will soon shine with a
Hollywood smile



It’s a place where only the best specialists work. It’s pretty convenient to come for a
visit with an entire family. While a son is being treated and enjoys watching cartoons,
my husband goes for a scheduled dental cleaning and I have time to plan my perfect
smile with INNOVO specialists.



Thanks to my great dental clinic INNOVO, where I can easily snooze while being
treated. It’s a clinic with the best specialists – Victoria Akhmedova, Yaroslav Haidai,
Yuliya Naumenko. It’s located right in the historic center. To the left the view to
Andriivska church, to the right – the view to a confectionary. Healthy beautiful teeth
and «Pirozhenko» by the clinic’s side. Ain’t it perfect?



If you are a professional in your area and ready to go for outstanding results only, join us and become part of a large family

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